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Are you ready for CPQ? Is anyone ever?

Updated: May 30, 2023

A CPQ system takes time, resources, and talent. Not just for the implementation, but business as usual for a company. With an economic downturn, we often see organizations trying to increase the level of automation and efficiency within technology.. But often it's much more involved than that. Think of purchasing a CPQ like bringing home a new puppy: sure, it’s fun and different, but who’s going to take ownership of it, walk it, take it to the vet, and scoop its metaphorical poop?

CPQ is an investment that takes time, resources, and brain power to work well. Are you ready for that responsibility?

Are you ready to scale?

While a CPQ system is great for growing your business, your company has to be ready to handle the work. You’ll need more team members for revenue and technology operations, as well as technical debt, process debt, and more expertise with data, finance, and product. Seems like a lot? It is, which is why choosing a CPQ is such an important decision for the future of your company.

Who will manage this program?

A CPQ isn’t a “set it and forget it” system. While it will make some areas in your company more efficient, it will still need maintenance and management to run. Your company needs to be able to allocate resources to maintaining your CPQ, without sacrificing labor from another area.

Is your leadership ready to step back?

Before CPQ, leadership may have had a more hands-on approach with clients and sales quotes. With a system that manages your configurable quotes, you have some great guardrails set up so that sales can stay within the lanes of your bookings policy while you get to drop the back-end drama that organizations often face (i.e., how deals should be booked). By automating these processes, leadership can take a step back out of the day-to-day quoting process and leave it in the rightful hands of the Sales Teams. This might be one of the most significant changes in day-to-day practices for your company and one that might take some adjustment.

Where is your company in its growth cycle?

One of the most important things to consider with a CPQ is where your company is in its hyper-growth cycle. If you’re in a growth stage and working to find and maintain clients, this might not be the moment for big changes. You’re better off waiting and building the company for a bit longer. However, if your company is entering a structural innovation stage, now is the time for big moves. Embrace the change and get going!

A CPQ is an investment in your company, transformation takes investment and planning. But if you allocate resources, get everyone on the same page, and put in the work, your company is going to grow even at a faster clip with structure in place for hyper-growth. Eventually, you will have a puppy that will be housebroken and sleeps through the night and in the end, a new best friend.

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