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ceberg Technology Consulting paves the way to surprising and unexpected conversations thanks to our client engagements. Our clients are searching for true growth and transformation, and we meet them with flexible solutions and adaptable approaches. Success in the current environment depends on a business’s ability to monitor its activities, identify risks, and acknowledge opportunities. We can help. 

At Iceberg Technologies, we have over 25 years of industry experience in the SaaS industry supporting the Opportunity-to-Cash process.  We are passionate about OTC technology and process, and our goal is to provide a path to success for our customers. 

Our Services


Transformation Support

Are you looking to make a true transformation, but do day-to-day firefights keep you from moving into the strategic growth patterns that your team or organization requires? 
Meaningful progression toward goals is just some of the support we can help with!


CPQ Services

We specialize in Opportunity-to-Cash policy management, process definition, and technology design. We can support you in a full re-implementation, or something as small as a new product launch.


Enterprise Architecture

By creating an Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy, we can support your business and IT goals for growth in a scalable and collaborative manner that will allow business, technology, and data teams to have success. 

Let us help you identify how your business strategy will align with your technological needs



Iceberg Technology Consulting

Boston MA

Tel 585.309.1447


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