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Transformation is Hard: Supporting your team dosen't have to be.

We have specialized experience with hands-on software development, project management, and business transformation. We understand how to support the scale of an organization's technology, and can help our clients achieve results faster than could be done alone.

Use Cases

Reporting Success

Success is Subjective. It's imperative that each project we support and work with clients on have key metrics for success, defined both by stakeholders and leadership within the organization. By doing so, both Iceberg Technology Consulting and our clients can define what success looks like when we start and work together toward those goals. 

Create approval and deal review policy

Reduce error of quote management process from 84% to 45% over the course of 9 months.
By simply alerting people of selling guardrails we were able to help reduce the number of errors sent to clients and manage the time that sales and operations were spending on fixing issues.

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